Service Connect Application

If you have not had service with us previously, we will need the following application completed, signed, and returned to our office at ( or fax 307-786-4362). There is a $40.00 connect fee and we require a $150.00 deposit for residential service.

In lieu of a deposit, you may have your previous utility company fax over a letter of credit with no negative reporting in the past 12 months to 307-786-4362, your deposit will be waived.

If you have had service with us previously or are a business account, please contact our office at (307) 289-0776 or 800-276-3481.




Home Owner Status

Closest Relative Not in Household

This program rounds up to the nearest dollar. Average is $6.00 per year and helps people in the BVEA service area.

Office Use Only

Interruption and Liability of Electric Service

The Association will endeavor to furnish continuous service, but does not guarantee uninterrupted service and is not liable for any damage which the member may sustain by reason of the failure or partial failure to of the power, failure or reversal of phases, or variation in service characteristics whether caused by accident, repairs, storms, or incurred by the use of any service wiring, connection, instruments service or appliances installed or by or for the member; nor is the Association liable for damages that may be incurred due to the presence of the Association’s property on the member’s premises. In the case of three-phase service required by the member, the installation and maintenance of adequate relays with circuit breakers to protect against single-phase conditions and phase reversal are desirable and their installation and maintenance is the responsibility of the member.

I hereby request electric service from Bridger Valley Electric Association, Inc., and herewith make application for membership in said Association. I agree to purchase electric energy from the Association. I agree to be bound by the Articles of Incorporation, the By-Laws and amendments thereto, and such Rules and Regulations as may be adopted from time to time by the Board of Directors.


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