Electrical Service and Pricing

Electrical Service and Pricing

Electrical Service and Pricing

SGS Small General Service - Single Phase $36.00 $0.07 N/A

Small General Service Single Phase

To consumers in towns, villages, and farming areas, subject to established rules and regulations of the Association.

This schedule is for single phase, 60 cycle alternating current electric service supplied at 400 amps or less, 240 volts or less, through one kilowatt-hour meter at a single point of delivery for all service required on the premises.

Monthly Rate
Facility Charge: $36.00
Energy Charge: $0.0700 per kWh

Minimum Charge
The monthly minimum charge shall be the customer charge.

Rules and Regulations
Service hereunder is for the exclusive use of the customer and shall not be resold or shared with others.  Rate subject to Rules and Regulations of Association, as filed with the Wyoming Public Service Commission.

Special Provisions
If a consumer disconnects for part of the year with the intention of reconnecting service at the same location within the next twelve months, the customer will be required to pay the monthly customer charge for all twelve months of the year.

LGS Large General Service - Single Phase $70.00 $0.031 $15.00
LP 350 Large Power (350 kVA or Less) $120.00 $0.03007 $14.50
LPS Large Power (350 to 2000 kVA) $238.00 $0.02897 $15.00
SL Lighting Service
L Irrigation Pumping Service $36.00 $0.04000 $10.00
LP 2000 Large Power (Over 2000 kVA) Contract $0.02700 $11.75
GP Green Power Rate
M Net Metering Rate
Electrical Services


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